Ozone – How it can help kill Flu and Virus


Scent Crusher products offer an advanced way to clean using nature’s most powerful oxidizers to kill odors caused by bacteria and contaminants.

Scent Crusher products feature our Ozone Activated Technology which effectively eliminates all odors on your gear.
Sweat, soaps, food, perfume – you name it, Scent Crusher kills it. Our Ozone Activated Technology kills organisms including bacteria, and virus and is 100% chemical-free, leaving no scent, chemical residue or harmful byproducts.

What is ozone?

Ozone, or O3, is the tri-atomic form of oxygen. Stated simply, it is a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms.
O3 rapidly oxidizes organisms like bacteria and virus it comes into contact with, then converts safely back into Oxygen (O2).

Scent Crusher’s ozone generators produce on-demand O3 (ozone) which is attracted to bacteria, virus and contaminants that cause odors. The ozone attacks and kills all odors and bacteria through oxidation, and then converts safely back into standard oxygen, leaving your gear scent-free.