Ozone – How it can help kill Flu and Virus


MODEL: 59327
UPC: 8 59518 59327 2

Get the competitive edge. The Scent Crusher® ProSeries Hunter’s Closet provides an easy and effective way for hunters to eliminate all odors on clothing and equipment so you are ready for the next hunt. The digital generator emits a chemical free ozone that destroys most odors within 30 minutes. The closet is easy to assemble and tough enough to use outdoors. Heavy-duty metal shelves are convertible and adjustable to suit your storage needs; great for basements, garages & hunting camps.


• Closet Size: 69”x45”x27”

• Portable, Easy Assembly

• Heavy Duty Zipper and Liners

• Maintenance Free Ozone Generator

• 20-Year Life Expectancy